Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Slusherland

Unless you've been under a rock the past couple of days (lucky you), you know that Chicago got some snow dumped on us. If you live in Chicago, you know how disgusting and messy it can get. Slush, black snow, yellow snow, puddles that are deceivingly deep. Leaving the house is always a process when it's winter in Chicago.

Last night on my way home, I saw this family staring at a store front display of Hunter wellies. From what I could hear, it sounded like they had never seen them (clearly they don't live in Chicago). They also made comments about how they look like they are designed to go tromping through swamps and making other negative comments about their appearance.

As I looked down at my own Hunter wellies, slightly offended, I wanted to stop and say, "Hi - have you walked 20 feet in Chicago? This place IS a swamp of slush. And, your hounds tooth coat is offending my eyes." I think people that aren't from the city underestimate the need and importance for a good pair of wellies. We both have a pair of Hunter wellies. And we both agree it was a fabulous investment!

Friday, September 4, 2009

MOH Hairstyles - Life is Full of Tough Decisions

One of my favorite beauty blogs out there is Glamour's "Girls in the Beauty Department." I just adore Petra and Beth's beauty, fashion and trend observations and how they convey them back to readers.

Recently, Petra featured a post asking how her maid of honor should style her hair for her wedding. I thought to myself, "YES!", I'm having the same discussion about my hair for my sister's wedding. I love the braid idea she included - my attempt to grow out my bangs didn't really go as planned and I'm a couple of inches short, so this could be a great solution. However, I'm not sure my sister (or more importantly, my mother) would go for it (too trendy for her UBER conservative nuptials).

I'm thinking I'll probably go with a side bun style. Maybe a little on the messy side and maybe a sneaky braid in there somewhere. We're going to need to get creative on how to get the bangs secured down so any suggestions on that beast are welcomed!

My last thought that I need to run by the bride is hair flare. I'm really into the idea of some sort of flower or jeweled accessory adorning my bun. After all, I am the MOH (maid of honor), so I feel like I should stand out a little. But the day isn't about me, right?

I'd love to hear about MOH hair ideas, to accessorize or not to accessorize and the POV on braids if you have it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

You Know You're a Beauty Junkie When ...

This morning I popped into the new CVS by work today to pick up an umbrella in anticipation of these "crazy storms" Ginger Zee has been so eloquently updating us on. As I wandered around the aisles looking for something cuter than the black banker-type umbrella, I found myself gravitating towards the beauty section. It was like a magnetic pull. The closer I got, the more excited I got. It didn't matter that I needed to be at work in 5 minutes or had my weekend travel bags with me and not a free hand to spare. I NEEDED A FIX.

I was able to muster up some self-control and focus on the mission and revert myself from the direction and bright lights of lip glosses and hair accessories. However, at that moment it became very clear to me that I am now a full blown beauty junkie. I think to welcome myself to the club, officially, I'll by that NARS Multiple in Orgasm I've been coveting. After all, I need it it, I'm a junkie.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The September Issue! Anne, Andre, Vogue!

Um, yes please. You know where we'll be on September 11.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Elnett Error

Why do I keep forgetting to buy Elnett? Is the US version as good as the European version?

Product Review: Tarte Clean Slate

I'm shocked that in my 20-some years on this planet that I JUST started wearing primer. When and where did I miss this primer memo?

My first introduction to primer was from Tarte Clean Slate. I decided to give it a go based on it's natural ingredients. My consultant was very knowledgeable on it and she sold me (clearly, I'm a Sephora Sucker - I think that's a new term we are going to need to implement on this blog). When I got home, I did some reading and learned that it has natural fruit and plant derived extracts to treat, protect, soothe and hydrate the skin. Hydrate - key word for me as my skin goes from dry to oily to normal to semi-dry and back again all in a week.

A few weeks ago I decided to do a test - I put primer on half my face and left the other half bare. I applied make-up as usual. Throughout the day I would examine my face, touch it (not a lot) to decipher if there was a difference. To the touch there was a difference, noticeably. The side with primer felt softer and smoother whereas the other side felt a bit dry and rough. I had Lauren and Melissa get up close and personal with my face to see if they could tell a difference and they both nailed which side I had primer on.

Maybe it's the Sephora Sucker in me or maybe it's my lack of experience in primer, but those two "tests" confirmed that I need and love primer.

Any other great primer recos a newbie should know about?

Product Review: Blinc Mascara

Problem: Long eyelashes that "shed" mascara and cause faux under eye circles.
Solution: blinc Mascara

I.Love.This.Stuff. It has saved my eye make-up sanity. My frustration levels would go through the roof as I'd stand in bathrooms trying to remove what looked like sickly dark eye circles caused by flaking mascara.

Until one fateful Sephora trip ...

I presented my problem to my consultant. He immediately took me to the blinc display and simply said, "girl, this will solve all your problems." Oh was he right. Now, this isn't ANY mascara, let me enlighten you.

According to blinc's Web site, "the mascara blinc is the original mascara invented to form tiny water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes rather than painting them like conventional mascaras. Once applied, the tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes. Whether your daily activities take you from the office, to your sweaty workout and then out to dinner, your lashes will look as good in the evening as they did when you first applied blinc in the morning."

It's true. It works. And I'm in love. The one downside is that it is kind of messy in the removal process. The tubes even freak my mom out a bit, but that's her problem.

I HIGHLY recommend blinc mascara if you suffer from flaking issues like me. Unless someone can show me something better, I'm a blinc lifer.